After each expedition, participants are given the opportunity to share how the outdoor experience relates to the Christ Life.

This trip came at a great time during a stressful semester. It was so refreshing just to hear the silence of nature and to be reminded of Truth. The “I Am” statements of John helped me to remember who Christ is for me. Also, getting to do the trip with close friends was encouraging! Bill is a pro at leading and encouraging!
— Paige L, Southwestern Seminary Students, Ouachita Mtns, OK/AR '19
It was a nice reminder to disconnect to reconnect. Applying the different aspects of the hike to the Christian life:
*the beauty - God’s creation
*the struggle - Christian walk isn’t always easy; sometimes it’s one step at a time
*fellowship - {I} got to spend time in small group to develop and strengthen relationships. {It is a} reminder that you have to spend time with God and His word to build that relationship.
*Adventure - exploring caves
*At crest of the mountain - Our pastor’s alarm went off at 1 pm for a reminder to pray. Reminder - no matter where you are, God is there and can hear you.
*Reward - at the end of the hike up {the mountain}, reward of beauty; at the end of the hike {down}- reward relaxation!
— Amy O., White Mountain Wilderness, NM, '19
This expedition has given me some helpful advice on how to be a better husband and friend, and taught me more about how the Christian walk isn’t always easy, but is definitely more than worth it at the end!
— Jack S., Marriage Trek 101, White Mountain Wilderness, NM '19
The greatest thing I took from (the weekend) was biblical finances. It led to more conversations about how we should set up our accounts and how much more we should be praying about where to spend our money. The food was five star.... as always!
— Halie P., Marriage Trek 101, White Mountain Wilderness, NM '19
I have a tendency to lose faith and endurance in my walk when things seem to be out of control and tough. This hike and Bill’s teachings during this expedition opened my eyes to walking through a tough season. As the hike got tougher and my legs were begging me to stop walking, I kept pushing, trusting that the view from the top was worth it. Just like in life, we keep pushing knowing that God has something to show us and someone to build us into.
— Bailey S., Marriage Trek 101, White Mountain Wilderness, NM '19
Hiking in the Grand Canyon gives you one of the greatest experiences! Seeing the wonder, it’s God’s creation and art! It is like God painting a picture and letting you see it from all kinds of angles. I had a great time to reflect on God, spend some time with Him and enjoy His creation in the midst of the Great Grand Canyon!
— Bolton S., Rim to Rim, Grand Canyon, AZ '19
The scenic and beautiful sights of the wilderness and nature spoke of God’s creation. There’s something special about being in the Creator’s creation that can speak to your heart, as He did mine while hiking back from Guadalupe Peak on the side of the mountain. Psalm 95:4 says, “He controls the formation of the depths of the earth and the mightest mountains; all are His.” It is wonderful to get away from the busyness of life and experience the quietness and splendor of the outdoors.
— Mark K., Natural Springs of the Southwest, '18
As a pastor, there are few times we can really ‘get away’; but ReCreation Adventure Ministries truly allows that. The isolated location took us out of phone and internet service and I was able to be physically challenged, emotionally rested and spiritually renewed! Great Experience!
— Mark S., Wheeler Peak, NM '18

Lee, Waxahachie Bible Church, Waxahachie, TX; White Mountain Wilderness, NM; July 13-15, 2018

Vanessa, Waxahachie Bible Church, Waxahachie, TX; White Mountain Wilderness, July 13-15, 2018

Brayden, Waxahachie Baptist Church, Waxahachie, TX; White Mountain Wilderness, NM; July 13-15, 2018

C. W. - FBC, Wolfforth, Tx; White Mountain Wilderness, NM, June 7, 2018

ReCreation Adventures provided opportunities for deeper conversations with the brothers on the trip.
— C.W., White Mountain Wilderness, '18

LEE - FBC, Wolfforth, Tx; White Mountain Wilderness, NM, June 7, 2018

Such an encouraging time spent with brothers in Christ! Diving into the Word and talking about it during the day was great.
— Lee, White Mountain Wilderness, '18

Daniel - North to South Rim, Grand Canyon, AZ, May 30, 2018

This trip has allowed me to re-think the way I walk with Christ by remembering that it’s not going to be easy and it won’t fit into the world’s standards.
— Daniel, Grand Canyon, '18

Shelby - North to South Rim, Grand Canyon, AZ, May 30, 2018

This trip was a great experience which allowed me to escape the fast paced life and enter into God’s beautiful creation. The combination of being in His creation and learning His Word is such a sweet and unique experience in which I was able to grow in my faith! I LOVE ReCreation Adventures!
— Shelby, Grand Canyon, '17 & '18

Lacey - North to South Rim, Grand Canyon, AZ, May 30, 2018

I think this expedition gave me time away from everything to where I was able to focus only on my relationship with the Lord. I had time to read my Bible and speak openly with the Lord about how my life is going. This trip was great for my relationship with the Lord.
— Lacey, Grand Canyon, '18

Joanna - North to South Rim, Grand Canyon, AZ, May 30, 2018

My take away from this trip is that nothing is too hard if you have the strength of Christ behind you and you allow it to carry you through the difficult times.
— Joanna, Grand Canyon, '18